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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Announcing Friendly Plastic TV

I can't tell you how excited I am to announce that we will have our own Friendly Plastic TV channel on Youtube. I've just finished editing the first in a loooonnnggg series of videos.

We're starting out with the basics. My specialty will be working primarily with the pellets, though at times I'll throw in some strips in the mix as well. So this first video highlights just how to color the friendly plastic pellets. All the different things you can use. Maybe you are already using some of my favorites...or maybe this will jumpstart your creative spirit.

All in all - I hope you enjoy our upcoming series. These videos will be posted on Friendly Plastic TV, the friendly plastic blog, my personal blog (lindapetersondesigns) and my personal - lindapetersondesigns youtube channel (and hopefully Jana's blog as well - I just have to show her how...). You can subscribe to any (or preferrably all) of these and get notification when new videos are posted.

As for linking or embedding these videos into your website, we would be happy to grant permission if you just send us a little email letting us know your intent and credit us with a link.

Jana will also be making videos and sharing with you her techniques as she's able.

So...exciting things are happening....Stay Tuned!

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