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Thursday, February 26, 2009

At Jen's Studio - Day Two - Creative Fun With Friendly Plastic

Im so GLAD that we called Jana yesterday..... the three of us were on the phone..laughing and sharing and Im so glad this ignited the creative spark back in Jana. Wasn't her artwork amazing??

Here's what a couple of designers can do to a perfectly clean studio!

Jen began die cutting Friendly Plastic (check out her blog) and then I joined in on the fun and combined this with some techniques I had been doing earlier in the day.

This necklace is a combination of Friendly Plastic Strips, Alcohol Ink, Rub-N-Buff, friendly plastic Pellets and some wire for embellishing. The little butterfly is die cut and embellished with layers of resin, glitters, embossing powders and oh gosh...I don't remember what all...
It was fun to create some "paper like " art with the friendly plastic...I love it because its so moldable and shapable.....and so many things are possible!
Stay tuned - you don't want to miss tomorrow blog when I post the Big diecut, embellished butterfly.


Mylene said...

What a beautiful pendant Linda!
I love your mixed media jewellery - it's always to die for!
But tell me, is the the butterfly diecut from FP or paper?

Linda Peterson Designs said...

the die cut is from friendly plastic pellets! Thanks Mylene!


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