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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Bundle of Friendly Plastic Bracelets

As I wait out these last days of winter, I am feeling the warm waves of Spring Fever looming about. I hate cold gloomy days, there is nothing inspiring about them, to me. So in my desperate attempt to lift my spirits, came this brightly colored... Bundle of Bracelets. Friendly Plastic, is like one of my best friends, it is always there to put a sparkle in my eye and a smile to my face. Just gazing upon all the brightly colored metallic sticks, warms my heart. So look out spring I am now armed with brightly colored accessories and await your arrival. I hope these will inspire you to get moving on your spring creations, too.


Barbara Lees said...

These bracelets are a blast of wonderful beautiful exciting delicious colours and patterns.
Just exquisite.
Thanks so much, Jana!


bracelet jewelry said...

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