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Monday, February 23, 2009

Featuring Friendly Plastic and Mixed Media Artist - Mylene Hillam

I was able to meet Mylene personally at the CHA show earlier this month. What a privelege it was to meet such a multi-talented artist. Jana and I were both thrilled when she won the AMACO DESIGNER CHALLENGE for her Friendly Plastic work in two categories!!!

Soon Mylene will be sharing with us her technique of working with Friendly Plastic strips in the bead rollers. The piece above looks like she used the tri-bead roller

This was one of her winning entries for Best of show....Butterflies take flight

More beautiful bead roller work

This is one of my favorites.

Mylene came to the states to attend CHA from Australia. She is currently on the design team for Krafty Lady Moulds and teaches a variety of mixed media classes. Be sure to check out her blog too for her crafty adventures and information on her classes.

This site is all about the promotion of artists - beginners and advanced alike. If you have any friendly plastic related projects that you would like to share with the world, please feel free to email them to me.


Jana Ewy said...

Mylene, your design work is as beautiful as you are. Thank you for allowing us to spotlight here. Your beads along with Linda's video, makes me want to give those bead rollers a try. I have not yet given them a go, NOW I feel inspired. Thanks.

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Mylene, I can call you for 9 cents a minute!! Yeah! We can I just need to coordinate times. I will have to call your house because thats less expensive than your cell. It's 3pm Monday afternoon here...wonder what time that is for you. Or how about this, what was the time difference when you were in California?

Mylene said...

Linda, Brisbane is 18 hours ahead of LA. Can't wait to chat. Smiles.... Myléne

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda and Mylene look into getting Google Voice and you can make that same call for $0.05 a minute and the cool thing is that Google Voice is a FREE signup and doesn't charge more to call cell phones than they do to call land lines. Plus you get a totally new phone number (keeping your existing phone numbers). I'm not related to Google Voice in any way but I am a very happy user! It's saving me tons of money calling my family back in Korea for the same $0.05 per minute!

Here's a link for you to learn more and get signed up for free if you want.


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