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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friendly Plastic Mixed Media Art

I have made ART...
I just had to share my attempt at mixed media art. As you know, jewelry is at the heart of all of my design work, but after being inspired by some of the beautiful mixed media pieces, I had to give it a go. The alcohol ink pieces I shared earlier were just screaming to be art. So I set out on a little journey. I do have to admit, it was not smooth sailing at all. I spent two days trying to make art... and hated everything I created. I even went so far as to call Linda and Jenn to cry baby about my failed attempts and that I must be experiencing creative block. And thank goodness I did. I must say that after talking to them, my spirits were lifted and... JUST LOOK... I made art.

They are not at the level of most mixed media artists, but they are a fair attempt, and a testimony that an old dog can still learn something new. Thanks to all that inspire.


rarelizzie said...

Jana you have a wonderful eye for colour, these little pieces are lovely.

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Stunning as always!

Sara Feeny-Marks said...

Wow,they're fabulous Jana!

Robert and Gordon said...

These are just fabulous Linda.
Alcohol inks and friendly plastic go so well together dont they.
Love and smiles

Linda Peterson Designs said...

As much as I'd love to take credit for these beauties....I must give all credit to Jana - she's the talented designer!

Robert and Gordon said...

Whoops i did a booby again
Sorry Jana these are absolutely gorgeous and thanks for all the tips you gave me at the CHA.
I went straight to Bed Baths and beyond and bought three of their cookie sheets and they are fab.
Sorry again.
love and smiles

Mylene said...

Jana, they're gorgeous!
I just LOVE the vibrant colours contrasting with black and white.

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Hey Jana,

I'll trade ya.....your artwork for a turtle??

These would make gorgeous ATCs!


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