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Monday, February 23, 2009

Making a SPLASH but don't get wet!! Friendly Plastic and Alcohol inks

Jana Ewy calls this her Splash Technique. I love the effects that you can achieve with a little bit of imagination, alcohol inks and Friendly Plastic strips. writes:
Here is another inspiring little tidbit... my SPLASH technique created with alcohol inks on Mother of Pearl/White, Friendly Plastic.

 I have just finished an article for Somerset Studios Magazine highlighting this technique as an application for greeting cards and as a framed art piece. I thought I would share a little of the process with you.

 I have used a combination of Jacquard, Pinata inks and Ranger, Adirondack inks, they seem to work beautifully together. I really have no preference, it is all about the colors. I start with a wash of the blender fluid (Ranger) over the plastic, then drop on my back ground colors. 

Next, with a paint brush, that I have dipped into plain rubbing alcohol, I touch the plastic where I want to create white circles resembling puddles. Now within these circles you can add coordinating colors, either with a paint brush or directly from the bottle. 

The finish comes with a splash of tinted rubbing alcohol, in an accent color. With a SPLASH... comes another addicting technique.

 Stock up on your Mother of Pearl and plain White Friendly Plastic sticks, along with your alcohol inks, because once you start this technique you won't want to stop.

NOTE: Once dry the inks become permanent, they won't wash off with water, however, if you really dislike the design you made, it can be removed with the blending fluid or the rubbing alcohol.

A word of caution:  Be careful doing this on the  plastic with the Mother of Pearl foil as you may even remove the pearl finish. Rub lightly. Enjoy... making a SPLASH!


Mylene said...

Your alcohol ink samples are just eye-popping. ... I absolutely love them and I can't wait to try this out - no MOP on hand at the moment but I have some white backed pieces which should do the trick!
This is such a cool idea!! Thanks Jana.

Jackie said...

I confess, I did not know you could even still get Friendly Plastic, although twenty-five years ago I had a pretty steady income making jewelry out of it. Where do you get it these days??


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