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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sculpting with Friendly Plastic Pellets

I'm learning that my experience in polymer clay is quite an advantage in working with friendly plastic pellets. I used a combination of griddle heat and hot water to mold the plastic into shape. After adding the colorant - whether that's alcohol inks, or pigment powders, I pinched off the amounts of plastic that I needed for each piece. I rolled them into balls and let them sit in the warm water until I was ready to shape them. The turtle was completely hand sculpted using the pellets.I accented the raised areas with Rub-N-Buff gold leaf.
This little turtle charm was inspired by Jana. She and her husband rescue desert tortoises. So this little charm is dedicated to her and inspired by her.
I love that this medium gives such instant gratification! When you are just dunk in cold water to harden. Doesn't get much simpler than that!
Hope you enjoy!


Jana Ewy said...

He is fabulous and I want one of my very own. I'm hoping this little guy or his desert brother will be arriving in my mail box very soon. You are incredible... great job!

Linda Peterson Designs said...'ll just have to email me your address so this little guy can find a good know...I know nothing about turtles....(im sure he will love your turtle salad!)


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