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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Artful Food for the Soul - in Friendly Plastic

How bout a little Sunday American Breakfast? This delicious brooch was fashioned by Artist Katie Argyle of Plastic Masters of the World.
I love her whimsical take on her art! She definately has a fun & friendly style and charm to her work! Great job Katie!


joolsedesigns said...

Hi Linda thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog you are welcome to use my story and link back to my blog I tried to get onto your blog but for some reason cant.
I did not know this site was here and I'm sure Cara and Connel will love to have a look around as they where totaly amazed with friendly plastic I know I have been

Thanks Joolse

Linda Peterson Designs said...

It might be that I mistyped my link. All the links to my blog as well as other friendly Plastic blogs are on the side bar. Thanks so much Joolse!
Oh..and there is a friendly plastic yahoo group and a facebook group as well! We'd love to have you join!


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