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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Blast from the Past... old school Friendly Plastic

These flower earrings were made using hot water, they were one of the first things I ever made with Friendly Plastic. I thought they were magnificent. They were almost bigger than my ears, but I thought I looked great in them.

These earrings were marbled using the oven method for heating the plastic and then they were re-softened in hot water to create a free form design. These were my favorite pair of earrings.

Remember these faces... well those of you who have been around Friendly Plastic or even crafting for a number of years , do.
Oh my... did we ever doll these babies up. They were so popular back then. Isn't funny how time and style has changed. Thank heavens! Everything was bigger and bolder back then. I made this very large broach for my sister. And bless her heart, she saved it. It really is fun taking a look back at what was then. Hope you enjoy this little blast from the past.


rarelizzie said...

Oh boy, do I remember those faces, they were the hot ticket in the early 90s. I am glad things have moved on since then. However your favourite earrings are still lovely today.

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Love it! Im actually giggling because I had a pair of friendly plastic earrings that I bought in 1990. They were bigger than my ears! but went well with my 80's hair-do. Also bought the matching bracelet. Im now visualizing Jana wearing her earrings with 80's hair! :o) too funny! Thanks for the blast from the past! Its fun to see where Friendly Plastic has been...and where it is now!


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