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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friendly Plastic - Last day of the road trip and a little teaser

All of "the girls" last night went and had a chocolate party at the Melting pot. Yummmmmyyy...I think im OD'd on chocolate now for a while!

Earlier in the week Jen and I made a stop by Chico's and hit the jackpot and bought LOTS of new clothes. She wanted jewelry to match her new shirt. So I said..."why not take a picture of it and we'll make an image transfer" And she did!

Just before it was time to leave, Jen and I were finishing up our jewelry for the was a mad dash to the finish line before we had to leave. Oh and I wore the shoes........ Cute....but not very comfy. Just because I bought them a size too small....but hey...sometimes you just have to sacrafice.

The image is from the shirt using friendly plastic pellets for the base on which the image was placed. Im learning the pellets are so versatile and I could build up the thickness I needed for my finishing techniques. "No baking"! Also, you can run the friendly plastic pellets thru the pasta machine to get a nice even thickness. I used the thickest setting.. (don't try this with the strips, they stick.)
I finished the piece using my bezels and bail technique with Amaco's ArtEmboss Medium Pewter. ....Not to bad for a quicky prototype project that took less than an hour to make... and it looked great with her outfit. It's a work in progress and the next one will look better...but you know...she gave me hour!
Later today, We're taping a fun video - no how to's - but more of a behind the scenes look at the studio and some of the things we made while we were prepared...the studio is a mess and we're not cleaning it up yet! I think you'll get a laugh....
Jen has a more in depth look at some of the things she's made on her blog - so take a look
Remember to enter the design challenge and send your entries to Jana! Clocks ticking....Who are you?


Linda Elbourne said...

Not much leaves me speechless I can tell you! But WOW this blog certainly has ... stunning art ladies ... I am off to practice :0))

Campbell said...

Ok, so let me get this straight-you did an image transfer with the pellets? As in copied the image on paper, then globbed the molten plastic on top of the image, waited for it to cool, then peeled off (or scrubbed off) the paper leaving the image on the plastic? OH MY GOSH get me some of them pellets FAST!!!!


Linda Peterson Designs said...

Not quite anna. I made an image transfer with liquid polymer clay first and used the pellets as a base because I could control the thickness. I laid the transfer onto the pellets and because they are both polymers, they do bind together. The pellets are great, because you can control the thickness of the piece and dont have to wait to bake it. The only reason I did it this way is because it was last minute...I do plan on seeing if a transfer technique like you described will work with the pellets...just havent gotten that far.


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