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Monday, March 30, 2009

Steampunk and Friendly Plastic by Jen Lowe

Personally I had never heard of this name before - "Steampunk" until one of my new friends Peg from Colorado showed me what she was doing in polymer clay via skype. I love it! Of course my friend Jen Lowe had to beat me to the punch and be the first to use this in Friendly Plastic. All I can say is.....FABULOUS!!! Even more possiblities for Friendly Plastic - and I just may use this technique for a very unusual project for April's video - so stay tuned!

Here's an excerpt from Jen's latest blog post - she says:

OK - I just had to try this out. Now, you can google "steampunk" and decide for yourself where it came from and what it means....but I am going to give it my own definition.

Steampunk is recycling parts from previously used items that moved....such as watches, clocks, fans...and you take them apart and reassemble them onto a new background into a new shape. So my background is a heart made out of layers of Friendly Plastic Pellets....and I'm using watch parts, micro washers, jewelry parts, crystals, and create a piece that just makes my creative spirit want to move. I added the "bling" because I love using crystals and think it just makes steampunk a little more feminine.

It's all about movement! And I just absolutely love, love, love how this turned out!!!

There's a bit of depth and I twisted 2 colors together:

So I know, I'm supposed to be working with paper and diecuts and inks this week.....but I tell you....Friendly Plastic is just calling out my name and I can't let go. I have so many ideas and had to quickly put this one together as well.....more steampunk bling under glass:

If you want to learn more about Steampunk - just google "Steampunk Jewelry" and you'll have hours of viewing inspiration pleasure! Then.....I challenge you to create your own steampunk art - email me and I'll feature it on the blog!

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