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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aged Metal Effects

Now that I have my studio in order...
What comes next is what I do best... make a marvelous mess.

I have an incredible fondness for metal trash, the rusted, patinaed and verdigrised kind. As I walk each day in the desert with my dogs, I pass by these discarded pieces of trash, keeping a close eye on the ever changing effects that the harsh Las Vegas weather has on them. They become a part of the scenery, the objects I look forward to seeing each day.

And I must admit some even become my own personal positions. Desert Art as I so fondly call them. Inspired by the colors and textures of these pieces, I had to try recreating them with Friendly Plastic.

Here are some of the effects I was able to create. They will soon become finished pieces of jewelry. Once I have a somewhat fool proof formula for this technique I will share it with you. I did so much playing that now I have to go back and try to remember just what I did to get each effect. Hope you are inspired to try creating your own Metal Fx.

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