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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beautiful art by "Life is a Fountan" - Penibear

In searching for new images and artists to share with you, I came across this blog "Life is a Fountain" - Penibear lives in the UK along with her husband and three girls. She's a window dresser who loves to explore random art. I love all the different media's she used in this piece. It's candy for the eye.
She writes:

This was for a forum swap - I made it with 2 colours of Friendly Plastic melted into an Artmould. When it was cool I flipped it over and reheated it, and then stamped into it. As long as you wait for the plastic to cool before you remove the stamp, it won't affect the rubber.
Then I pierced it with a needle tool, and threaded it with wire and beads, finally adding a shrink plastic heart, and a few other embellishments. The key was also made with an Artmould.

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