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Friday, April 17, 2009

Colorful Friendly Plastic by Barbara Lees

Meet Barbara Lees, a multi talented artist living in Denmark. Recently I had the pleasure to meet Barbara via skype. She is a very sweet lady full of creativity and inspiration.

To me this looks like an expensive piece of wall art that you would see in a gallery and it's made from Friendly Plastic! The colors are simply brilliant. I just love the way it flows! Most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are just now coming out of a gloomy dreary winter and so these colors are just what we need to brighten our day!

Thank you Barbara for sharing your creative inspiration with the world!! To see more of Barbara's work - click here for her picasa album. To purchase her work - visit her website

1 comment:

rarelizzie said...

I love the freshness of this piece Barbara, the colours make it almost edible.


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