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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Experiments with Moulding Mesh and Friendly Plastic by Liz Welch

I don't think there is anything that Liz Welch will not explore when it comes to Friendly Plastic. My goal with this blog is to bring you all sorts of fascinating ideas in which to be inspired when working with Friendly Plastic. I think Liz is brilliant at just that...she not only uses friendly plastic for paper crafts, but she uses it for jewelry, textiles and explores all sorts of fascinating textures. She writes:

The mesh is brilliant because it can be moulded around objects using a little heat from the heat gun. It comes in lots of colours and can be “overheated” to create gnarly edges and holes.

Experiments with Moulding Mesh
Experiments with Moulding Mesh

Oooze! and Moulding Mesh
Oooze! and Moulding Mesh

I can see I am going to have fun with this product, not just with fishing inspired stuff, but with my Friendly Plastic as well You can see from this photo how well FP Ooozes through the holes. When I have something half decent to show you I will post some more pictures.

So...I challenge YOU! What interesting textures have you added to friendly plastic? Email me and I'll feature you on the blog! More ideas to incorporate texture and textile into your Friendly Plastic Projects

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