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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flying Heart Brooch+ Free Craft tutorial

Flying Heart Brooch

By Jana Ewy for AMACO

This quick and easy "Flying Heart Brooch" takes only 5 simple steps.


  • Friendly Plastic® – one each Teal/Black, Purple/Black, Avocado/Black, Swirl/Blue,Green/Blue

  • Brass WireMesh® – one sheet

  • Gold Fun Wire™ (24 Gauge)

  • 1 Gold Jump Ring

  • 1 8mm Gold Bead

  • 1 Teal Triangle E-Bead

  • 1 Purple Seed Bead

  • Paper Crimper

  • Scissors

  • Round Nose Jewelry Pliers


  1. Using the strip blending technique, cut the plastic into 1/4" strips and place them on a non-stick baking sheet in the following order: teal, purple, avocado, swirl and green. Soften the plastic in the oven per the instructions on the package.

  2. Blend the colors together by drawing the needle tool through the softened plastic in an “S” shape wave. Continue to blend the plastic until you have a pleasing design. Allow the cut lines to seal back together. Cool the plastic and remove it from the baking sheet. Trace the heart pattern on the back and cut out. Punch a 1/16" hole in the bottom point of the heart.

  3. Cut a 5" length of Fun Wire™. Fold in half forming a loop at the top and twist together. Place a purple seed bead, a turquoise seed bead, a gold spacer bead, a triangle bead and a 8mm gold bead on the twisted wire. Form the remaining wire into a spiral. Use a jump ring to attach to the heart.

  4. Trace the wing pattern on the mesh and cut out. Pass the wings through the crimper.

  5. Cut two 12" lengths of Fun Wire™. Fold in half and twist together. Following the pattern, bend the wire into the wing shape. Glue the wire wings onto the mesh wings. Glue the wings to the upper part of the heart before attaching the pin back.

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