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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friendly Plastic Classes by Mylene Hillam - Austrailia

Beautiful! Beautiful! Mixed media art by Mylane Hillam of Queensland Australia. I found this beautiful artwork looking at her class page. She has a variety of upcoming classes in Friendly Plastic. For more information about her classes - click here.
And just a any of you who get to take a class from Mylene......Im totally jealous! (hint hint...Mylene....get skype...maybe I can be there with you via skype! Now there's an idea!)


Mylene said...

Hi Linda!
Thank you so much for promoting my Friendly Plastic classes - they are certainly filling fast!
And I would be absolutely honoured to have you take one of my classes but I'm a skype newbie and have no idea where to start!

Charmn Goldie said...

Ok, I've looked up friendly plastic. Interesting.


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