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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friendly Plastic Focal Bead by Linda Peterson

I think this bead looks sort of Victorian. It reminds me of the style of jewelry my Aunt's like to wear. Using inspiration from the lace and flower technique developed by Liz Welch and a little bit of splash technique using alcohol inks developed by Jana Ewy....and a little more this...and a little more that.... I came up with a way to encase a glass marble creating a beautiful focal bead. This was fun! And since then I've done three more! I have NO idea what I'll do with them....maybe nothing.....but collect them and display them in a bowl? Who knows!

Friendly Plastic Focal Bead

This just may be something I'll have to share in some upcoming videos. What do you think?


Lundy said...

Hi--I am glad to have found your blog. Years ago when the Internet was young, there was nothing on FP when I did a search. It was off the market then. Now my question...I have a bushel basket of old FP which has become brittle. Have you ever worked w/ old product and have any tips ???

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Yes I have worked with old brittle Friendly Plastic. There is an article on the blog - just wrote it this week, so be sure to scroll down on how to revive old friendly plastic. Basically just heat it on a griddle and cool. It should restore the flexibility. Thanks for your question Lundy!

Susan Christianson said...

Please make a video!! I would love to see how you created this bead. It's lovely.

Lundy Wilder said...

Well, I tied the re-heating method but it didn't work. :o(
Perhaps my FP has had too many oils evaporate ?


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