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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friendly Plastic ScrapArt - By Susan Mostek

Being a traveling instructor has afforded me to meet all kinds of wonderfully talented and creative people.

Last month when I was visiting Jen Lowe, she introduced me to her friend Susan Mostek. Immediately, I knew I loved Susan's warm personality and her positive spirit. She could only stay for a short while and didn't get much time to play. We did however, get together again later in the week for the Chocolate Par-tay and talk more.

When I left, I left ALL....and I mean ALL my scraps of Friendly Plastic and since then Jen has turned them into some great techniques and works of art - just out of my throw-aways...

And apparently Susan has caught the Friendly Plastic Bug - (watch out- I hear that is going around - fortunately though, it lasts longer that the 24 hour kind and much less painful!).....

So today, I share the talent of a new Friendly Plastic Artist - who by trade is a papercraft artist.

Jen was kind enough to blog about her.... and so here's her post.
Susan Mostek's Friendly Plastic

I just had to share these pieces - she's such an amazing "student". Look at this first one. The center looks like a watercolor painting that she framed...but it's not It's one piece of inlaid friendly plastic - made with scraps. And then embellished with wire and beads. I think this is such a gorgeous pendant! Amazing wha tyou can do with scraps!

And here's one she did with a butterfly that Jodi made and didn't like. Yes, Jodi, you did too say you didn't like it! LOLOL!!! I have Susan digging in the trash over here? LOL! Such a stunning piece of jewelry - I might have to make some butterflies like this!

I really love the background she did behind the butterfly. - (my note....that's ArtEmboss Blue Aluminum)
I particularly love how Susan combined the last piece - with a different color of ArtEmboss metal. The ArtEmboss is a great addition to add sparkle and flair to your jewelry designs and like Friendly Plastic - It's easy on the pocketbook!

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