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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friendly Plastic "Snappers!" - How to fix them

This is another FAQ that comes up from time to time.....

Since the recent re-launched Friendly Plastic, so many have emailed that they have stashes of old Friendly Plastic from eons ago that snaps when bent. These are what we call "snappers"! (A great definition thanks to Liz Welch!)

Today, I worked with a pile of snappers....quite actually by mistake. I was working with Jana Ewy's splash technique and when I went to cut them into guessed it! They were SNAPPERS! After all the work I did on them to create the beautiful designs, I just didnt have the heart to throw them away. (I can't throw anything away...I'm such a pack rat!)

Jana mentioned to me a while back that if you reheat them, this restores the flexibility. So that's exactly what I did. I placed them on a non-stick cookie sheet and laid them on a griddle set to about 160 degrees F. After cooling in cold water, I was able to cut them into strips and bend them just like new! I was even able to attach some of the snapped pieces back together to make a long strip.

Now while this may not work for all snappers, it certainly is worth a try as it saved the day for me.

Now as a word of caution - we have received emails asking questions about the "new" colors that are appearing on different websites selling Friendly Plastic. Many of these "new" colors are not new at all - they are old discontinued stock and many emails are reporting receiving snappers in their order. Just be aware when ordering. If you have any questions as to the current colors in stock - visit You'll find a color chart of all the current colors available.


Deb said...

Good information to know. Thanx!

Lundy said...

Thanks so much, don't know how I missed this first time down your home page, but I did...anyway, this is just the info I was looking for. Maybe I should consider selling off some of my stash of 'snappers' . I have a LOT, probably all the old colors and stripes, florals. I bought a whole bushel basket at once on close-out about 10 or 15 years ago, something like that. If anyone is interested, contact me thru my blogger profile.
Thanks for the great post and info, Lundy


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