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Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Eye Candy Day! Friendly Plastic Ink Pens by Mylene Hillam

One of my favorite projects of all is covering ink pens. I don't know why....maybe because its not only fun but, they make great gifts and their economical too! I love making functional things....things with a purpose too and people love when I pull one out of my handbag and use it.

Mylene Hillam - Australian Friendly Plastic Artist experiments with the fracture and fusion technique to create some stunning Ink Pen Eye Candy - Enjoy!

Mylene writes:

It's eye candy day today.... so feast your eyes on these!

I had heaps of fun making these pens and trying out different colour combinations. I've told you previously how addictive making these pens is and with a supply of pens leftover from the bulk pack I'd bought to experiment with, I just couldn't resist making more.

The one drawback though is that the nib is held in place with a blue plastic shield and whilst that's fine on this pen, Metallic Blue
it really doesn't work so well on this one, Rusty Coppers......
So a colour change was in order.Ah, that's much better! I think they will all benefit from a colour change so that's my next task, but in the meantime here's some more colours to look at.

This one's my favourite: Floral Garden.
I love how the soft green and pink work together.

This one is called Magenta Haze.

And the last one is called Royal Purple.

Want to learn how to make these pens? Then check out my
class schedule for upcoming classes but be quick as some classes are already full.

Beautiful work Mylene....and I love the names you've given them too!

Don't forget - there's a brand new video on yesterdays blog post - just in case you haven't had a chance to see it. We welcome your comments and suggestions!

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