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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Answering Friendly Plastic FAQ's

I thought it would be nice to include some FAQ's in our archives.

Sharon from southern Alabama asks:

I absolutely love FP, but I live in a rather hot environment. Is there a way to encase the FP in something, such as Envirotex, so that it won't soften quite so much so quickly?

Here is Jana' Ewy's response:

I live in Las Vegas... and the summer heat (110 degrees) is quite a problem to deal with. This is one of the reasons why I coat almost everything that I sell with envirotex. It is the only coating that gives me the protection and finish results that I need to guarantee my work with confidence. There are other products out there, but this is my pick and what I would recommend.

Just a quick tip that is good to know!!!

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