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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Embellish your T-shirt with Friendly Plastic

  • The inspiration for this shirt came from a trip to the Branson Landing one day when Mariah and I were having a Mom/daughter day out. We browsed a store on the landing and I found this wonderfully gaudy, splashy tee decorated with animal print medallions, chains, rhinestones and all sorts of stuff. The price tag was quite hefty.... $119.00. I just knew I could create a replica...or an inspired-ica of this shirt. Now, while mine isn't as dolled up as the doesn't come with the price tag either....The total for this shirt? Was less than $15.00 with plastic to spare! Below are the instructions so you can get inspired too!!

    Designed by: Linda Peterson

    Friendly Plastic Strips:
    White T-Shirt
    Friendly Plastic Pellets – approximately 2 oz.
    ArtEmboss Copper Medium (option – for use in creating own cutter shapes)
    Pasta Machine
    Black acrylic paint
    Black glitter (coarse)
    Pearl Ex Powder or Perfect Pearls in pearl white
    Sequin Ribbon – Silver
    Fabric Glue
    Circle cookie cutter (approximately 1”)
    Random shaped cutters (make your own custom designs) optional
    Solder iron (to create custom cutter shapes)
    60/40 solder and flux (to create custom cutter shapes)
    Non-stick cookie sheet
    Heat Gun (optional but very helpful)
    Bowl of cold water
    Baby Oil
    Clear Casting Resin

    Hints: Lightly coat hands and tools with baby oil to prevent sticking. Heat griddle to approximately 200 degrees. If the plastic bubbles it is too hot. Working with Friendly Plastic is very easy once you become accustomed to the different working temperatures. The more the plastic is heated the stickier it gets – just like chocolate. With each application of heat, there is also a cooling process that must be completed for the material to harden, whether it cools on it’s own or in a “flash” cooled bowl of cold water. This helps to control the heat and allows you to work on specific places at one time.

    Creating your own cutters:. Cut a strip of ArtEmboss copper 2” wide. Fold one edge over 1/4” and use wooden stylus to flatten out. (Do Not use Fingers!)

    Wrap copper around a pencil or other round object. Overlap seam 1/4”. Trim excess copper away with scissors.

    Apply flux and solder seam together to secure. Allow to cool before handling.
    Bend the round cutter into a pleasing random shape. Make several of these in a variety of sizes from small to large.

    Divide the pellets in to two separate areas and melt until transparent. With one set, mix in pearl ex powder using the pasta machine, folding and rolling thru until mixed. Flatten out to a #3 setting on pasta machine. Cool.

    Repeat with 2 to 4 drops of black acrylic paint. Mix in with pasta machine.
    If plastic begins to harden simply heat it again with a heat gun to soften. Flatten to #3 setting on pasta machine. Sprinkle glitter on top and allow to cool.

    Place black plastic onto non-stick surface and soften. Cut out irregular shapes with your custom cutter designs. (Hint: Allow cutters to soak in cold water with a couple of drops of oil to prevent sticking) Dip in water before each cut. Allow sheet to cool and punch out all the shapes.

    Soften white pearl plastic on griddle. Press in black shapes. Allow both colors to melt together and flatten.

    Using circle cutter, Cut out as many circles as you can. If necessary, trim any excess plastic away with scissors.

    Coat with Clear Casting Resin and allow to dry for 24 hours. Trim excess resin away if necessary.

    Glue sequin ribbon around the edge on the back side. Allow glue to dry.

    Arrange medallions on t-shirt as desired and glue into place. Attach flat backed rhinestones where desired with glue.

    It is recommended that this shirt be hand washed.

    Friendly Plastic materials and ArtEmboss supplies: or
    Pearl Ex Powders – Jacquard Products

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