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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Exploring Textures in Friendly Plastic with techniques developed by Liz Welch

Once again, I'm featuring a favorite Friendly Plastic artist of mine - who I am happy to say will be joining us on our first Annual Friendly Plastic Creative retreat to be held in October in Denver Colorado. (Future plans include an annual retreat in the UK in a quaint little town of Derby tentatively set for Fall of 2010 - but don't worry - we'll feature more info as the time goes by) Our featured artist for this blog is non other than the fabulous Liz Welch from Nottingham, UK.

What I'd like for you to notice in this picture is the detail and the multiple textures Liz has created using Friendly Plastic. She has developed an enormous amount of techniques with great names such as the "Lace Technique" shown on the right picture and has embellished a handbag with this technique.
On the left picture you will notice a beautiful flower that takes on the delicate lace work with the "ooze" technique. (This is one of my personal favorites)
I think sometimes we tend to get tunnel vision....or at least I do when working with Friendly Plastic. Most tend to think of it as a jewelry medium, but I think the techniques that Liz has developed prove that the product is so much more versatile than you might think. So why not challenge yourself to make something beyond jewelry....maybe something for your home...embellish your shoes, wearables or maybe you have a stylish handbag that just needs an update.....
To learn more about Liz's techniques, classes or to purchase her video, please visit her website at: She is a great source of Friendly Plastic supplies for those of you who live in the UK or in close proximity. You can also visit her mixed media artwork thru her blog at:
If you are new to Friendly Plastic, our blog contains a load of inspiration and a variety of helpful techniques. Join us on our Friendly Plastic yahoo group or sign up on our Facebook Friendly Plastic group. New project sheets and videos appear regularly. We answer common questions on the FP yahoo group as well.
And of course we would love to feature all Friendly Plastic artists. Just contact us and let us know who you are and send us pictures!
Also, don't forget to sign up for the HeArt of Friendly Plastic challenge - showcase your favorite marbleing technique. Win a Gift assortment of Friendly Plastic!

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