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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friendly Plastic Quick Tip! Removing unwanted foil

One of the most appealing factors in working with Friendly Plastic, especially given the state of economy we are experiencing, is the fact that it is so easy to re-use and recycle.

You can remove any unwanted foil that is left over by simply rubbing it away with acetone. This is often the chemical that is found in nail polish removers.

Maybe you have some left over sticks with black or white backing but the color on the front is just not what you need? These sticks are perfect to use with Jana's fracture and fusion technique to create the black and white stripe. Just wipe away the unwanted foil on the front of the stick and cut into desired widths!

Do you have any money saving tips working with Friendly Plastic? We would love to hear from YOU!


Mylene said...

What a great tip. I've always sanded it back to expose the plastic (very hard work). This sounds so much easier.

rarelizzie said...

That is a great idea, what a lot of information this blog is bringing together. Good on you Linda!


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