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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Magic of Marbling is in Belle Armoire Jewelry

The Summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry will be arriving on news stands in a few days.

Inside you will find a little Friendly Plastic inspiration featuring the Magic of Marbling. Here is a peak of what is inside.

These cabochons were created using the wavy chevron pattern. A super easy marbling technique with stunning results.

As you look at these... hopefully feeling inspired... remember that the presentation is what truly makes them MAGICAL.
I love Friendly Plastic so much, and I truly believe that it is a deserving art medium (not just for crafting), so I am always striving to present it in a sophisticated and ARTFUL way. I hope that you will find these pieces inspirational enough, to try to do the same.

I am really looking forward to the wonderful works of Marbling Magic in our HeArt of Friendly Plastic Design Challenge.
For more information and inspiration pick up a copy of the Summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry, check out my design gallery at Just and for more step by step instructions go to project gallery.

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rarelizzie said...

Simply gorgeous Jana.


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