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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alcohol Inks to Colorize Friendly Plastic Strips

Alcohol inks have been talked about extensively on this blog - mostly because they are so versatile and the color scheme is endless when using Friendly Plastic sticks.

 The way that Liz Welch uses the inks to colorize her  Friendly Plastic sticks is truely unique and I thought you would want to take a peek!

Alcohol Inks can be purchased in the UK by visiting Liz's online store - details on her blog. The nice thing about ordering through her is that you can buy only your favorite colors and not in packs of three!

Here's a snippit of one of Liz's recent blog posts:
Alcohol inks can be used on any non porous surface to create fabulous effects. I use it to colour the surface of my paler sticks of FP.


The FP sticks above have been coloured with alcohol inks and permanent ink pads. The image below is of a pendant that was made using FP Pellets, Polished Pigment Powders and Alcohol Inks.

Thanks Liz for sharing your wonderful techniques!

Here's more helpful hints for beginners working with Friendly Plastic

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