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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Campers Create with Friendly Plastic

Creative Campers Go Crazy with Friendly Plastic,
Inexpensive Modeling Medium That Heats Up
& Cools Quickly!

Summer campers can make jewelry and original art by using our Friendly Plastic Pellets or Designer Sticks. Beads can be rolled with either form of Friendly Plastic. Pellets can by dyed for custom colors. Designer Sticks are available in colorful metallic foils that shimmer when heated. Use a heat gun, non-stick griddle, craft oven or hot water to make the plastic malleable. Have a jar of both waiting for campers with samples you have made. You'll stimulate their interest and excite imaginations. The kids will take care of the rest! Re-usable! See Friendly Plastic Butterflies and jewelry.

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