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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dancing in Color - Friendly Plastic by Artist Barbara Lees

We are so priveledged to be surrounded by an abundance of lustrious colors every day. Take for example a sunset over the ocean. Have you noticed how the colors dance and sway to the music of the waves?
This mini piece of art by artist Barbara Lees captivated me.....instantly a sense of serenity came over me as I envisoned seagulls soaring amidst a vibrant ,colorful backdrop - dancing to a ballet in the sky. Her choice of colors is splendid! Who knew Friendly Plastic could take you into an imaginary world?
Why not escape life's stresses for a while and indulge yourself in art....and in a world of "friendly" plastic!
Barbara Lees is an artist living in Denmark. To view more of her work or to own one of her masterpieces click here.


rarelizzie said...

That is really lovely Barbara. I really like your use of colour, and the simplicity of the design.

Barbara Lees said...

Thanks so very much!
I love the words that describe this piece.
It is really inspiring to me.
Often, when I make my jewelery, I think of opaintings and images in nature. I love it when other people see something new in my results.
Thanks so much!


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