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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friendly Plastic Beads

With all the FP E-cyclopedia information to read, I thought I would throw in some eye candy that tied in with our topics.

I dug through my Friendly Plastic stash... and look what I found. they were created for my Friendly Plastic 101 book. I had to think about how old they were, The book was printed in 2001, so that makes the pieces around 8 years old.

All of the beads were created by hand, there were no bead rollers back then. I pierced each bead with a needle tool to create the holes.

Check out the crescent beads... they were created by rolling a softened plastic triangle around the needle tool.

The wavy chevron marbling pattern really lends itself well to these long tube beads.

Another blast from the past. I hope you enjoy taking a look at these. I have really had fun digging out some of these old treasures. We forget what we have stashed away.

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