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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friendly Plastic Blending Tools

The next topic in the Friendly Plastic E-cyclopedia.

Blending Tools
Blending and intermingling the colors of Friendly Plastic gives such a dramatic, yet harmonious movement to your designs. It is also a thrilling process to watch.

Needle Tool – Needle tools of all sizes are perfect for pulling and blending the colors of softened plastic into beautiful feathered and freeform designs. The smaller the needle, like those used for beading, the more intricate the design. Try using different sizes to create swirl and spiral patterns in the plastic. (See Blending Techniques for more information)

Marbling Comb - The marbling comb, with its evenly spaced needles (teeth) was designed so that traditional marbling patterns could be re-created using strips of Friendly Plastic. Using the marbling comb is a much better option than a single needle tool, when it comes to blending the softened plastic into more uniform free flowing designs. (See Marbling Techniques for more information)

Please feel free to share any tips or tricks you may have for blending and Marbling Friendly Plastic. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help and comments.

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