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Monday, June 1, 2009

Friendly Plastic E-cyclopedia... Work Surfaces

Your work surface is one of the most important aspects to consider when working with Friendly Plastic. The surfaces we will be talking about are surfaces to heat the plastic on and surfaces to work on. The heating method, technique and the type of finished design you are trying to achieve, will determine what type of work surface you will need to use. (see techniques for more information on suggested work surfaces).

Little Gold Pans - They are one of the most important tools you can have, if you ask me. Made by Nordic Ware, for use in toaster ovens. These little pans measure 8” x 10”, with a 6 1/2” x 8 1/2” work surface. They are coated with a durable non-stick finish that can stand up to years of use. One pan fits perfectly onto the Presto Liddle Griddle, where two fit nicely onto a standard size griddle. You can never have too many of these little gems. Perfect for use with all heating methods except the Hot Water.
• Find them at Bed Bath and Beyond, by the toaster ovens.

Silicone mats - Flexible non-stick silicone baking sheet liners (Silpat) are the perfect work surface when using any of the heating methods. The flexible nature of these non-stick sheets, allow you to form the plastic into dimensional shapes.
• Cut them to project size for easier use.
• Great for use with the Friendly Plastic pellets.
• 3”x 9” is the perfect size for creating cuff bracelets.

Cookie sheets – Good quality standard size cookie sheets are great for use when designing larger projects.
• If you use one on he griddle make sure it fits flat on the cooking surface.
• They are also the perfect work surface when applying sealers.

Aluminum Foil – Heavy weight aluminum foil brushed with a light coat of oil, to prevent sticking, is another work surface that provides some interesting design possibilities.
• Plastic softened on aluminum foil can also be molded and shaped into 3 dimensional designs.
• This is also a good surface to use for large classes.

Teflon Sheets - A Teflon coated craft sheet such as a quilter's appliqué sheet or Ranger's craft sheet are great for use with all of the heating methods.
• Attach one of these sheets using double-sided tape to an acrylic cutting board, great surface to work on when using the heat tool, water bath or applying sealers.

Work Mat – Amaco’s rubber work mat is a great surface to use when working with plastic softened in hot water.

• Be sure to apply water to the mat to prevent the plastic from sticking to it.

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