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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friendly Plastic Encyclopedia - Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

Scissors - Scissors are used most frequently to cut Friendly Plastic, but because of the thickness of the plasticI would recommend finding a pair that is easy on the hands.¨ Like those from Fiskar,with a spring loaded handle. ¨Tim Holtz scissors by Tonic are another recommendation.

Utility Knife, Cutting Matand Ruler- Acutting mat, thick acrylic ruler and a mat knife or utility knife are greatwhen making straight cuts or when you are cutting uniform strips of differentwidths. It is important to use a strong rigid blade for this type of cutting.¨The thin blade of a craftknife is not recommended. ¨Cutting mats and rulers ofall shapes and sizes can be found in the quilting section of craft and fabricstores.¨Apply a strip of doubled-sided tape to the cutting mat. This holds the plastic secure while cutting.

Die Cutting Tools– Die cutting machines and dies are also a wonderful way to cut the plastic into fun and unusual shapes. Ellison “originals” or “thick cut” along with original Sizzix dies will cut through the plastic sticks. ¨Spellbinders dies will give you a lovely deep line that you can then cut out by hand with scissors. ¨If you don’t have your own die cutting tools, try your local scrapbook store.

Shaped Cutters– Used on softened Friendly Plastic, shape cutters are a must have, when it comes to cutting out uniform shapes in a hurry. They come in many shapes and sizes, and from several different manufactures. Most are made of metal, while some are made of plastic. All work in the same manner, being pressed into the softened plastic.

¨Keep the cutters in a dish of ice water with a few drops of oil added to prevent sticking.¨If you are using plastic cutters, it is best to spray them with an acrylic sealer before using. This gives them a protective barrier against sticking (plastic to plastic may cause some problems).

Craft knife- As you know a craft knife is useful in so many ways. When working with Friendly Plastic, I use mine most often for cutting around shapes made with my cutters that don’t pop out on their own.

Easy Cutters– Easy cutters by MidwestProducts is a wonderful tool to add to your toolbox. They come in different sizes and were developed for cutting balsa wood. I have found them to be very useful for making perfect cuts through my cylinders. They come with measured markings to make perfect angle cuts if you need them. ¨Find them in your local hobby store.

Thanks to Jana for compiling this information!

Added by Sara from Australia:

The Accucut die cutters can cut straight through cold friendly plastic sticks (these use the wooden dies).

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