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Monday, June 15, 2009

My First Design Challenge

I thought it was only fitting that I should enter a design challenge. How could I expect any of you to enter into one of our challenges, when in fact, I have never entered one myself. So Here are my entries to the Cuffs of All Mediums Challenge put on by Belle Armoire magazine. The chosen entries will appear on the pages of Belle Armoire's fall publication.

The original cuff was created using my Splash technique (using alcohol inks) and then it was lavishly embellished with fabric, odd scraps of leftover FP and my other obsession, filigree and fond findings.

I stayed with an organic Flora and Fauna theme on all three cuffs. And as you can see I didn't quite know when to stop.

This was so much fun... no matter if they make the pages of the magazine or not, you can bet that I will be looking for more challenges to try. It really does make you step outside the little creative box we put ourselves in.

So, don't be shy... try a challenge. If not one of ours, find one that fits your style and give it a try. You will truly enjoy the process... I promise.

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