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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sculpting with Friendly Plastic Pellets - The Mermaid Bead

I spent the better part of the day just mixing color with Friendly Plastic pellets. It really was pretty therapeudic to say the least! Occasionally I used alcohol inks, but for the most part I used Adirondak distress embossing powders. I love the organic look that the embossing powders gives to the Friendly Plastic and mixing your custom colors is endless. It made be think of the ocean floor and all the colors of coral dancing about...which inspired this bead.

Don't know why a mermaid just popped out of the colors I was working with.. but she did...and for a first time effort to use the pellets as a sculpting medium, Im pretty pleased with the results. I did encase her in a coat of envirotex to prevent her from melting away in the hot sun.

Here's a quick tip and something I learned too...... It's much easier to drill a hole for the bead in this character after the resin has cured. The resin maintains the shape and you have absolutely no distortion when using a dremel tool. I also drilled the hole a little bit at a time which helped with the build up of the plastic on my drill bit.

If you are interested in getting some pellets to work with....go to my etsy store,

So hope you enjoy this little delight from the sea! I think she may need a few friends....what do you think?

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