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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yes....It really is Friendly Plastic! Stone Effects

Hard to believe isn't it? At first glance you might think it's a wirewrapped stone....then again, you might perceive it as polymer clay.....but really IS Friendly Plastic!

Drawing from my background in polymer clay, last week I decided to have a What IF day? What if I mix in embossing powder....What if I add some gold leafing? What if...What if..What if!....

Because the properties of Friendly Plastic are the complete opposite for polymer clay the techniques needed some tweeking in order to get a similar result.

If you are like me......and want instant gratification...then Friendly Plastic is for you!
Because I really want to get the word out on Friendly Plastic Pellets, I'm extending my free offer for a 1 ounce sample pack of pellets. Just visit my Etsy store to order.
To learn how to work with the pellets, just click a the top of the blog to view our YouTube videos


Mylene said...

What an awesome stone Linda!
Knowing your background I might have guessed that it was polymer clay but I would never have thought it was Friendly Plastic. Just amazing!!

Sara F-M (Silky Chick) said...

Wow that looks amazing, can't wait to see how it's done!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

You know what the best part about this stone is??? Absolutely NO SANDING OR BUFFING!!!!!!

Thanks Gals for the nice compliments!


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