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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fantasy Friendly Plastic - Artwork by Barbara Macrae

I became aquainted with Barbara's work after meeting her on Facebook. She graciously shared the link to her blog with me. Barbara's take on Friendly Plastic is truly refreshing and "outside the box" if you will.....Im intrigued by the way she "sees" things in her work...what an imagination!!!
Enjoy Barbara's work and please be sure to check out her other artwork at"
She writes:

I have been playing with Friendly Plastic again. Some say it is not so friendly, but I love it, and how it turns out differently every time. This time, some look like fantasy pre-historic animals. Think I might be making some more today !

A dragon maybe? and a butterfly. Well, I can see it haha
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Nicki MacRae said...

My Mum-in-Law always says she is not an artist, finally I think she may be starting to believe she is!

Lovely and inspiring blog :-)

Nicki x
(Barbara's very proud Daughter-in-Law)

Anonymous said...

I have photos on my Flickr SparklesStuff photostream too if anyone is interested. But thankyou for selecting my work
Sparkles [aka Barbara]

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Barbara, I am inspired by your work. Sounds like you have a great and supportive family!

Thank you Nicki for your comment too...are you one of our followers?


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