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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Featuring the Art of Friendly Plastic Artist - Karine Collignon

Karine and I have become recent international friends and Im so proud to be featuring her work today. She is from France and though she doesn't speak english and I don't speak french, that has not stopped us from emailing on a nearly daily basis. (Thank goodness for google translator). However - I must say that my French is improving, Im far from fluent.

This is a wonderful example of what this blog is all about. It is not here to promote any one person...but everyone thru an interchange of inspiration. This is what I LOVE about being an artist...constantly making new friends all over the world. Its like show and tell that never stops!

Here she shares a Friendly Plastic book written in French. You can see larger version, plus take a peek inside on her blog
The combination of jewels, beads and Friendly Plastic makes for a stunning piece!

This is among my favorites...I love the texture and shape. It reminds me of a bird in flight.

Karine sells her work thru art shows in France. She told me yesterday, she would like to write a book on her techniques and wants to be known as a Friendly Plastic artist because she loves the material and it is so unique. GO KARINE!!!


Fabienne et Franck said...

It's right, Karine is a very talented woman! In her last article (in blog) she said she is so proud to be featured in your blog!

bijouxartcreation said...

Merci Fabinou de ta petite visite!!!


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