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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Featuring the Artwork of Nicks Arty Stuff - Friendly Plastic ATC's

First of all, I want to thank Nicks Arty Stuff for joining the Friendly Plastic group on Facebook! Have you joined yet? (check out the link on the side bar - maybe we can make 200 members by the end of the month????)

Next....I want to share the dazzling art of NicksArtySTuff. It's a great representation of the versatility of Friendly Plastic.

FP worked straight onto the ATC
Stuck straight onto a piece of mount board (ordinary card will buckle) and heated with a heat gun stamped into
chevron style, made by pulling the FP one way and then the other like a bakewell tart!

Stuck straight onto the ATC and worked from there

Added a bit wire and layered the FP
Cut with a cookie cutter
A moth in case you were wondering
FP and clay faces

Odd bits and bobs of FP heated in a cookie cutter

layered on top of each other and heated with a heat gun
Which one is your favorite??? That's a toughie isn't it? I'm drawn to the abstract piece...I love the swirls she achieved in the plastic - great texture! However, they are all just fabulous.
Her blog is full of wonderful juicy pop on over and take a look!


Nicks said...

Thanks for the accolade guys, I am so chuffed... got a long way to go before I reach the dizzy heights of people like Liz Welch though who got me started on this stuff after I met her at the NEC a while back!

Jennie Atkinson said...

Thanks Nicky for some wonderful inspiration. I hadn't thought of putting FP direct onto card and working it into shapes. I will certainly be giving it a go!


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