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Friday, July 10, 2009

Friendly Plastic and Metal Clay Fine Silver Embellishments - A LinJeneered Project

If you read my personal blog, you have most likely heard of the term LinJeneered. Simply put it's a collaborative effort between myself..."Linda - Lin" and "Jen Lowe - Jen". We derived the term when she came to play in my studio for a week back in November 2007 (and....she'll be here in about a week and a half!)....

During that week, we played experimented and LinJeneered projects. I would make something and she would add to it...or vise versa.

During the Friendly Plastic Colorado Road Trip this past February, I played around with all kinds of FP techniques, from those I discovered in pellets to those developed by Jana Ewy. I love wire wrapping so I finished this piece with a little wire embellishment and gave it to Jen thinking no more about it....

Until yesterday, when she blogged about some other beads and pieces that I gave her, that she embellished. Today, she posted about a FP necklace I gave her and added fine silver metal clay die cuts to high light it...a great combination! Okay...why didn't I think of it???

Jen will soon be teaching at the Metal Clay conference in Chicago. Which is worth mentioning, because wouldn't Friendly Plastic be a perfect compliment to fine silver metal clay??? OOHH...more ideas!

Enjoy her post and jump on over to her blog for more ideas!

Linda Peterson blogged today about how I used a bracelet she gave me, added fine silver and made it match a set.

So I decided to see how many days in a row we can bounce from my blog to hers! LOL!!!

I needed a sample of fine silver on Friendly Plastic. Now seriously....I have a ton of FP around here....but I decided to take a piece that she made and gave to me and alter it by adding fine silver!

Turned out pretty cool!

Now, if you are tired of jewerly....just ignore my blog for the next several days! I have tons and tons of samples to post and share....I have been a jewelry making machine!

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