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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friendly Plastic Marathon - Day 1

As you know Jen Lowe arrived safely to my studio yesterday morning. After a several hour "catch up - what's new with you" and a long show and tell with her metal clay jewelry, we finally got down to business!

This weeks theme for the blog posts will be all about Art Clay Silver bezels and friendly plastic. This combination will definately turn your Friendly Plastic jewelry into Friendly Plastic ART JEWELRY. Each design is truely unique - one of a kind.

Here is a couple of pieces that I've been working on based on a sketch I drew. It's similar but in sort of evolved at the same time.

Silver Art Clay Bezels

After these have been fired in a kiln. They will be polished and then Friendly Plastic will be added to them to give them a dichroic look. I thought you would enjoy seeing this process evolve. These are my first attempts.

For those of you unfamiliar to Art Clay Silver or commonly called metal clay, it is .999 fine silver suspended in organic material. It is sculpted/designed very similar to that of polymer clay. You let it dry completely, sand a little and fired in a kiln where the organic material burns away. After that it is polished and a variety of effects can be added to it. It is very popular with polymer clay artists and is soon to be popular with Friendly Plastic artists.

Jen just returned from the Metal Clay conference in Chicago Illinois. While she is here we have set up the first Friendly Plastic talk show at BlogTalkRadio - THIS IS SOOOOOooo COOL!

Details are on our site at blogtalkradio. ( ) so hop on over there and sign up as our friend. Also join us tomorrow evening on blogtalkradio at 5pm central time as I will be hosting the show with guests - Jen Lowe and Dawn Sandoe of Amaco. We will gladly accept listener questions. There will also be a live chat.

Can't wait to see you there. We are so excited about this new opportunity with BlogTalk Radio and our chance to connect with you on a more personal level.

Jen is also sharing her stories of this weeks Marathon on her blog - click here

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