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Friday, July 31, 2009

Friendly Plastic Crafts Marathon - Making Art Silver Clay and Friendly Plastic Jewelry

Recently, We  talked with Designer Helen Bradley about her finds at CHA. She clued us in on AMATE STUDIOS manufacturer's of all sorts of jewelry making blanks and pendant trays for mixed media arts and crafts.

Of course, I had to take a visit to the Amate website.  While I was there perusing
I had a look on their site and found this piece called Vintage Magnet by Lacy Carrall. While it is not done in Friendly Plastic, what a wonderful inspiration! Wouldn't it be fun to create the wings from Friendly Plastic? Or make this into an ArtDoll with clothing from Friendly Plastic... What inspires you?

Sadly we're winding down the Marathon. We were working hard in the studio from 7:30 in the morning and we left at midnight. We did take short breaks for food, but beyond that - we were on a CRAFTS MARATHON!!

I finished more silver pieces and we did work with more Friendly Plastic. Jen did a doodle-rama technique onto inked friendly plastic....sound intriguing?? It is! But...sorry you'll have to wait for photos...I mean we can't share all of our secrets at one time! I'll share those tomorrow.


I did get certified as a level one instructor while Jen was here, so with all the silver clay and friendly plastic work, I was a student too!

I just love love love creating my own bezels and then filling them with friendly plastic.

One thing I learned this week, besides patience is, repair! I've made so many repairs to pieces I've designed its not even funny..however it a great learning process! This is such an artful way to use Friendly Plastic dont you think?

I've heard from so many of you since the show...keep it coming. We have requests for various shades of pink...what else? Everyone seems to love the new proposed colors...but what would you add??

Visit Jen's blog as she shares her take on her experience here in my studio. She is still playing with Amaco's wax resist and having alot of fun...this is something I have to try too!
Today is a play day and a trip to Branson. There is a bead shop down there and a jewelry't worry...we will do a little work!

We love to share ideas we have for Friendly Plastic.  If you have one that you would like to share with us please contact us.

If you love the look of expensive murano and dichroic glass - here's a technique on how to use pendant blanks with Friendly Plastic and achieve a dichroic glass effect that won't break your budget!

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