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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friendly Plastic & Silver Clay Marathon Day 2

We intended to get a load of silver fired yesterday, but instead, we got a little side tracked and decided to get a "WHOLE" bunch of silver finished before we fired. We worked feverishly and I mean FEVERISHLY to get as many things done as possible. We made more bezels, more charms, paper-type clay punches for embellishment...we just had a ball....Here's a sampling of what we made....


I made this piece the last time Jen was here and it has sat around for about 2 years now. This is the "brilliant idea" that looked so wonderful until I put the resin inside and it didnt cure. Then I broke now I learned how to repair and all is well.....and ready for some Friendly Plastic!!

After all the's what your table ends up looking like... This is the metal clay table...


and here is the Friendly Plastic table....

With all that work.....(I know you are feeling terribly sorry for us about now huh?)..we needed a break! I took Jen to my favorite bead store in Springfield, Missouri - TouchStone beads (it's on Glenstone Avenue)!


Here is Molly - one of the family members who own the store. She is a doll! I absolutely love her - great customer service and most of the samples in the store are her own designs and work...she is amazingly talented and willing to share. So here is what I say...If you are coming to the Ozarks, have your husband drop you off at Touchstone beads and let him go to Bass Pro down the street....You will both be happy!


Now back to the studio for a little bit of practice setting designs into a metal "tray".


This tray is not one we made - it's one from NunnDesigns (check out their website) But it was good practice in cutter fusion and fracture and fusion. And this time...the resin cured so we are good to go!

Tomorrow...or maybe even later time for the Radio show, but no promises, we will have or pieces filled with Friendly Plastic and you will see a gallery of all the things we are working on.

The pieces have just come out of the kiln and are cooling, but I will photograph them again, so you can see what they look like when they come out of the kiln and the progress of this process...

Soooo stay tuned! More fun stuff to come your way!

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