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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Friendly Plastic - A World Wide Phenomenon

It's amazing that in just 5 short months, the world of Friendly Plastic has expanded not only here in the states but we are continually getting visitors from all over the world! The UK, Australia, Spain, Turkey and France just to name a few!

We love that this medium has been revived into a contemporary medium and love to see all the ways in which everyone the world over is using it.

I recently received an email from Karine who lives in France. Karine has so many wonderful ideas and techniques about Friendly Plastic that she shares on her personal blog.

Take a peak at her work by visiting You wont be disappointed...and while you are there scroll down and check out how she uses Friendly Plastic pellets in molds.

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Congrats in advance to everyone who participated...they are spectacular!


Toni said...

Linda, just wanted to let you know, the link has one too many "i"'s in it. It should be She has fascinating jewelry.

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Thank you Toni for catching that. It's now fixed! Wouldn't want anyone to miss out on her work! Thanks again for following the blog!

Will we see some designs from you?

Nicks said...

beautiful work, really beautiful!


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