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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Readers Question - Polymer clay and Friendly Plastic

This question came to us via the Friendly Plastic Yahoo group. I thought it is a great discussion point.

For some reason I can't post to Linda's blog to comment on this - I would love to know more about how to manage the different melting/curing points of the polymer clay/Friendly Plastic marriage! I think it would be a terrific tute or even a book - the whole idea has me jazzed!


Here are my thoughts:

Polymer clay bakes on average at temperatures between 230 and 275 degreesdepending on the brand. Personally, I feel that this temperature is too hot forFriendly Plastic as I have found it to bubble when it gets too hot...Soooo..... I would propose that you create your design in polymer clay first andbake according to manufacturers instructions. After baking you can apply thefriendly plastic to the polymer clay and again around 200 degrees to melt thefriendly plastic. At this point you could marble or use any desired technique. If the two plastics do not bind together this can be easily remedied withsuperglue or a thin coat of thick craft glue or e-6000.

If you have experience in combining the two mediums together, please share your knowledge with us. We welcome your comments and suggestions!

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