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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Adding Friendly Plastic to Amate Findings and Pendant Trays

There has been some talk about the beautiful results from combining Amate Studio findings with Friendly Plastic. They do make a great combination and really upscale the look of the plastic.

The question has been raised on the Friendly Plastic yahoo group on how to get the FP to fit perfectly inside the pendant trays. Thanks to Liz who generously shared her techniques to make this happen.

She says:

There are a number of ways of making your FP fit inside exactly, the first is to use the blank as a cutter, or at least to mark the hot plastic so that it can be cut out accurately with scissors when it has cooled.

Alternatively you can use the blank as a template to score around on the reverse side of the FP (easy for simple shapes, harder for more complex ones. The advantage of this approach is that you can make a sheet of coloured FP, do a first seal with envirotex lite over the whole stick of coloured FP, and then cut out your shape.

The third method I use is to push warm FP (sticks or Pellets) into the Amate blank and make impressions whilst it is actually in the blank using stamps or whatever you choose. Let it cool, remove and enhance as you wish before putting it back in the blank and sealing it.I hope that helps you a bit. I will be putting up some more Amate blanks on the web site shortly, so there will be more to choose from.


Thanks to Liz again for sharing. If you are in the UK and interested in purchasing Amate
findings please contact Liz via her blog. (

Amate findings come in three different finishes - silver, copper and brass. Silver is beautifully polished. Please note that these are base metal.

Additionally if you prefer a more vintage look, you might like to try the Patera line from Nunn Design as their pendant trays lend themselves to a more altered vintage look.

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