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Friday, August 14, 2009

Armature Wire, Wire Mesh and Friendly Plastic

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Im sure most of you are familiar with the Friendly Plastic Queen of texture, Liz Welch. We have soooo many new members, that I thought it appropriate to feature her again - especially since we are on the topic of Mixed Media with Friendly Plastic.

Liz combines armature wire (the silver wire), WireForm wire mesh and friendly plastic to create unique designs full of texture!

Armature wire comes in several thicknesses from 3/16" down to 1/16. Because it is made of aluminum it can be textured with a hammer or patterned with metal stamps. It bends so easily and provides a nice bold statement.
Wireform Mesh also comes in a variety of colors (aluminum, copper and brass) along with a variety of textures and styles. Just look at the texture in the Friendly Plastic once it is pressed up into the mesh...
Liz has a website full of creative and inspiring ideas when it comes to mixing things with friendly plastic so be sure to check her out. - click here
WireForm Metal and Armature wire can be found at Michaels stores or online at
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Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Very cool combination of materials and textures Linda! The Friendly plastic looks neat when forced through the mesh like like. Good idea!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

All credit due goes to Liz Welch, the pioneer of the Oooze technique! Thanks Cindy for your comments and Liz for sharing the technique


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