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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Combining Friendly Plastic Sticks with ArtEmboss Metal

I was working with Friendly Plastic sticks and wanted to create some slider pendants to wear on one of my silver necklaces.  Here I combined Friendly Plastic with Amaco's ArtEmboss Pewter metals to create beautiful bezels.  There's no glue - just double stick tape.  

Have you tried this technique? It is so simple! I know you will LOVE it! I've also created a Free Craft video on how to make these pendants on YouTube.

All of our Video Tutorials are on our FriendlyPlasticTV channel

If you want further inspiration or this technique instructions along with other ideas using ArtEmboss metals, check out my book - Metal Jewelry 101

For your convenience, I've put together some links of other Friendly Plastic Projects and Ideas I thought you might enjoy!

Click Here to order and for more details!


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

These are very clever ideas! I think the combination of the metal and resin with the friendly plastic really elevates the look of quality for the plastic. In fact it is even tricky to tell what the material actually is. This really gets the creative wheels turning!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Thanks Cindy! Can't wait to see what you create!! I know you're a polymer clay artist...but curious if you tried FP?

Shari Wallace said...

Linda, just ordered your book and I can't wait for it to get here. I've been playing a little with the art emboss, but want to do so much more with it. I have an idea for embossing the back of my pendants but really need to figure out all the basics first. Having trouble with very sharp corners that make the pendants a hazard to wear. Maybe I am not cutting the corners close enough? Anyway, can't wait to get the book and try out some of the techniques.

Plastic Cards said...

Your blog create great inspiration on the viewers. This is really hard working when you cutting different tool in pieces such as bezels.


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