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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friendly Plastic - Featuring Carmi Cimicata

Carmi is a full time artist who lives in Canada. She's also a member on our Facebook Fan Page. She posted that she had created a friendly plastic necklace...and I just had to go snatch it off her blog and feature it on ours! Great Job Carmi! Show us more:


Another great necklace for me! Doesn't this look like glass?
It's Friendly Plastic and a few additions. I have always loved to say "friendly plastic." I wish more art supplies had such positive names. Friendly Plastic is back...or so say the websites. My new favorite blog has been showcasing so many awesome ways to use this old product that I pulled out my own unused box of plastic for this little demo.

My Friendly Plastic is old. Over five years old...but still usable. I pulled out some interesting colours and my griddle which I use for craft projects only.

Sorry these pictures are so dull. I always work on a Ranger non stick sheet...and it's brown. I have them on every surface in the studio and they are particularly important if you want to try this technique. I cut some strips of the plastic and lined them up on the non stick sheet and placed them right onto the griddle at 200 degrees for about three minutes.

When the plastic was soft and clearly melted, I removed the non stick sheet from the griddle and on a cool surface I pressed this silver charm and rubber stamp into the plastic. I made a few extra marks too. Then I waited for everything to become cold. The stamp peeled right off the surface even though I was sure I had melted it into place permanently!

I cut out the newly melted plastic to fit this bezel. Then I mixed up some Ice Resin and covered the whole pendant.

It's so bright and beautiful! I love this pendant!

Visit Cami's blog at:

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