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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friendly Plastic Rings - By Scott Mizevitz

Scott is new to our blog, but not new to art. Scott works primarily in polymer clay but has dabbled in Friendly Plastic a time or two. He creates all sorts of art from sculpture to jewelry design. He is multi-talented.

I first met Scott in 2007. He was the winner of the Bottles Of Hope Design Challenge at the CHA trade show in Aneheim. In fact, he didn't just win one award....he won TWO!! And I had the pleasure of joining him and the rest of the design team for a nice celebratory dinner at Downtown Disney.
He recently contacted me to show a couple of rings that he had made with Friendly Plastic. These are so unique and fun and best of all - mixed media. As you can see they only use a small strip of Friendly Plastic. What a great way to use those smaller left over strips.

You can view more of Scott's work by clicking here. Even though Scott works primarily in polymer clay, Im sure you will definately find some inspiration for your pieces in Friendly Plastic and when you do, be sure to share them with Scott and the rest of us!


Scott said...

Thank you for the kind words! I'm blown away by all the creative ways Friendly plastic is being used. Kudos to you both for putting together such an informative, fun blog!

rarelizzie said...

Scott, you beat me to it! A couple of months ago I was given a ring of the same construction but using rubber instead of FP and I thought that it would be easy to replicate using Friendly Plastic. I just had not got around to doing it. Now that you have done such a good job I shall have to see if I can come up with my own twist on this. Your rings are so precise and beautiful.

Barbara Lees said...

I agree with both of you.
I winder - would you share just how do you get so precise? I am amazed. Fining it hard to cut nice round corners in FP

All the best, Barb in Denmark

Scott said...

Hi Lizzie and Barbara, I made these back in 2007 while on a roll experimenting and familiarizing myself with FP.
Barbara the rounded corners are scissor cut and I used a nail file to smooth up the edges. One of those double sided files that has the grey (grittier) side. It doesn't sand easily... or for an easier fix you could do a straight cut and use flat beads on top.
Looking forward to seeing your twist on these Lizzie!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

These rings are awesome! Just got some FP for the first time and am having fun experimenting with it. Love this simple and funky looking design!


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